important questions for bihar board class 12 physics chapter 2

 Important questions for Bihar board class 12 physics chapter 2

Practice these important questions for Bihar board class 12 physics chapter 2 to get more marks in your class 12 physics board exam.

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 Long Type- 

1. Derive an expression for the capacitance of a parallel plate capacitor. If a compound dielectric medium is introduced between the plates of the capacitor, how will the capacitance of the capacitor change ?
              Bihar Board -2010  
2. Define capacitance and gives its SI unit. Prove that the total electrostatic energy stored in a parallel plate capacitor is \[\frac{1}{2}C{{V}^{2}}\]. Hence derive the expression for the energy density of the electric field at its base.
                   Bihar Board -2010  
3. Find an expression for capacity of a parallel plate capacitor with compound dielectric.
               Bihar Board -2016 
4. Explain potential energy of a charge system . Calculate energy needed to place charge q at each corner of a square of side l . 
              Bihar Board -2017 
5. Define capacitance of a capacitor . Derive expression for stored energy between plates of parallel plate capacitor. Show the energy - density between plates of the capacitor can be expressed as $\frac{1}{2}{{\varepsilon }_{0}}{{E}^{2}}$ , when E= Electric field between plates .
                   Bihar Board -2018  
6. What is electric dipole ? Find an expression for potential at any point due to an electric dipole .
               Bihar Board -2019 
8. Establish the expression for electric potential at a point due to a small electric dipole 
              Bihar Board -2021 
 9 .Derive the expression for the capacity of a cylindrical capacitor. 
              Bihar Board -2023 
 Short Type- 

(1)- Write the definition of electric potential .
           Bihar Board- 2022 
(2)- How the potential changes with distance from a charged particle?
(3)- Surface of a charged conductor is equipotential. how?
(4)- Establish the relationship between electric field intensity and electric Potential.
            Bihar Board- 2019 
(5)- Why is the belt of a van de Graaff generator made of insulting material?
             Bihar Board- 2009 
(6)- what is the function of second plate in the parallel plate capacitor ? 
             Bihar Board- 2015 
(7)- Give two factors which affect capacitance of a capacitor.
              Bihar Board- 2014 
(8)- what is the electrical energy of a capacitor of capacity C charged to potential V?
              Bihar Board- 2020 
(9)- What are polar and non-polar dielectrics?

(10)- How does the energy lose in redistribution of charge?
(11)- What do you mean by capacity of a conductor ?
              Bihar Board- 2021 
(12)- Write any two uses of capacitor .
               Bihar Board- 2023 

(13)- Write down the relationship between potential gradient and intensity of electric field .What is the SI unit of potential gradient ? 
               Bihar Board- 2023 

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