physics chapter 3 class 12 important questions

physics chapter 3 class 12 important questions

Practice these questions of physics chapter 3 class 12 important questions to get more marks in your class 12 physics board exam.

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 Long Type- 

1. State and explain Kirchhoff's laws. Applying this law ,obtain the balanced condition of wheat stone bridge.

           Bihar Board -2019 
 Define Kirchhoff's laws of electrical circuit . Derive an expression for a balanced wheat stone's bridge using Kirchhoff's law .
            Bihar Board -2015 
2. State ohm’s law and verify it.

3. Explain the working, principle of a potentiometer using a diagram and 
(a)Compare the e.m.f. of two cells 
(b) Find out the internal resistance of a cell.

4. Explain the working, principle, construction of a  meter-bridge.

5. Establish expression for heat produced in a conductor due to flow of current .What do you mean by electric power and electric energy ?

             Bihar Board -2022 

 Short Type- 

1. An student connects voltmeter in series and ammeter in parallel in a circuit. What will be its result?
Bihar Board 2009
2. Write down the limitations of ohm’s law.
3. Define the term resistivity and state its SI unit. Draw a graph showing variation of resistivity with change in temperature for a typical semiconductor.
              Bihar Board 2009
4. why is internal resistance of a secondary cell is low ?
Bihar Board 2009
5. Write the expression for the resistivity of the conductor and explain each term of the expression.
                Bihar Board 2011
6. What do you mean by color code of carbon resistances ?
Bihar Board 2020
7.  Define drift velocity, mobility and current density.
8. What is Seebeck effect ?
Bihar Board 2010, 2011
9. State Peltier effect.
10. State and explain Thomson effect.
Bihar Board 2011
11. What is resistivity? Write its S.I. unit. State the variation in resistivity of a semiconductor with temperature.
12. Write any two features on which thermo e.m.f produced in thermoelectric couple depends.
Bihar Board 2011
13. Write down two characteristics of fuse wire.
Bihar Board 2014
14. State kirchhoff's two laws for electrical network.
Bihar Board 2016
15. Using theory of drift velocity, express Ohm's law.
Bihar Board 2018
16. What is wheat-stone bridge ? Explain its use in detail . 
                  Bihar Board -2017 
17. In wheat-stone bridge galvanometer key is switched on after battery key why?
18. What do you mean by super conductivity?
19. Coils of a resistance box are made of doubled wire. Why?
20. State the principle of potentiometer. Draw a diagram used to compare the e.m.f of two primary cells.
                Bihar Board 2009
21. Explain that Kirchhoff's second law is law of conservation of energy.
                Bihar Board 2017
22. Describe the effect of temperature on resistivity of metal, resistivity of nichrome and resistivity of semiconductor.
23. Write down two uses of potentiometer.
Bihar Board 2022
24. Explain parallel grouping of resistors.
Bihar Board 2022
25. Write color code of carbon resistance for orange and yellow colors . 
                   Bihar Board 2022
26. Differentiate between electromotive force (e.m.f.) and terminal potential difference of a cell . 
                   Bihar Board 2023
27. What is the relationship between drift velocity of free electrons and electric current density ? 
                   Bihar Board 2023

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