semiconductor electronics class 12 important questions

 semiconductor electronics class 12 important questions

Practice these questions of semiconductor electronics class 12 important questions to get more marks in your class 12 physics board exam.

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 Long Type- 

1. What do you mean by logic gates? Describe AND, OR, NOT, NOR, NAND gate with truth table.

2. What are energy bands? How are these formed 
? Distinguish between conductors ,semiconductors, and insulators  on the basis of formation of these bands.
             Bihar Board -2018 
   Explain the band theory of solids .State how on this basis solids are classified into conductors , insulators and semiconductors .
             Bihar Board -2013 

  What are energy bands in solids ? How are semiconductors, insulators and conductors classified on the basis of band theory ?
             Bihar Board -2010 
3. Explain    (a) P-type and n-type semiconductor and forward bias and reverse bias of p-n junction diode. 
(b) P-n-p and n-p- n transistor
4. What do you mean by by P-type and N-type semiconductors 
? Explain the working of a P-N junction diode .
                Bihar Board -2020 
5. What is p-n junction diode? How is it used as a rectifier? Describe in brief characteristics of junction transistor.
6. What is Zener diode 
? Explain its uses as voltage regulator. 
                Bihar Board -2012 
7. Explained with the help of labelled diagram the working of a transistor as an oscillator.
               Bihar Board -2019 
State the underlying principle of a transistor being used as an oscillating circuit . Draw a circuit diagram showing how the feedback is accomplished by inductive capacitance .Explain oscillator action .
                  Bihar Board -2014 
8. What is rectifier ? How a p-n junction diode can be used in (i) forward biased and (ii) reverse biased mode ? Draw a labelled V-I characteristic of p-n junction diode on a graph.

               Bihar Board -2016  

9.Explain the working of  a transistor as a switch (or as an amplifier)

  Short Type- 

1. Define  Valence band, conduction bond and forbidden gap?
2. What do you mean by semiconductor? 
              Bihar Board- 2020 
3. What are intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductors?
4. What is effect of temperature on resistivity of a semiconductor?
5. What is doping?
        Bihar Board- 2012 
6. Explain n type of semiconductor. 
         Bihar Board- 2021 
7. What do you mean by p type and n type semiconductors? Explain the working of a p-n junction diode. 
            Bihar Board- 2020 
8. Distinguish between n type and p type semiconductor. 
             Bihar Board- 2013, 2015 
9. What happens when a forward bias is applied to a p-n junction? 
             Bihar Board- 2014 
10. Draw the voltage current characteristic curve of a diode and mark its important parameter.
            Bihar Board- 2014 
11. Draw the circuit diagram to explain the working of full wave PN junction rectifier. 
            Bihar Board- 2018 
12. p-n junction is a valve .Explain . 
             Bihar Board- 2013   
     Diode is called valve. Why?
13. Explain  (ii) zener diode  (ii) LED (Light Emitting Diode) 
              Bihar Board- 2017 
14. Explain solar cell. 
     Bihar Board- 2021 
15. Explain binary number system. 
       Bihar Board- 2022 
16. Give the symbol and truth table for AND gate. 
              Bihar Board- 2012 
17. Give the symbol of NAND gate. 
               Bihar Board- 2014 
18. Explain NAND gate. 
     Bihar Board- 2014 
19. Write the truth table of  NOR gate.
20. Write the truth table and Boolean expression for NOT and OR gate. 
21. Identify the given gate and write its truth table. 
          Bihar Board- 2011  
Identify the given gate and write its truth table
 22. Write the truth table for a NAND gate connected in the given figure and identify the exact logic operation carried out by this circuit. 
               Bihar Board- 2014 
Write the truth table for a NAND gate connected in the given figure and identify the exact logic operation carried out by this circuit
23. n-p-n transistors are used more than p-n-p transistors why?
24. Draw a circuit diagram of common emitter amplifier. 
                 Bihar Board- 2010 
25. What is oscillator? 

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