class 12 physics chapter 1 important questions

class 12 physics chapter 1 important questions

Practice these questions of class 12 physics chapter 1 electric charges and fields important questions to get more marks in your class 12 physics board exam.

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 Long Type- 
1. Define electric intensity . Derive an expression for electric intensity at a point situated on axis of electric dipole.
            Bihar Board -2015 
2. find electric field at equatorial position due to an electric dipole .
3. Find the electric potential and then electric field due to an electric dipole by differential relationship between field and potential.
            Bihar Board -2009  
   Find electric field at any point due to an electric dipole . 
4. Define electric flux. State and prove gauss theorem .
          Bihar Board -2015 ,2012 
Write down Gauss's theorem and prove it .
           Bihar Board -2022 
5. State Gauss theorem . Apply this to obtain the expression for the electric field intensity at a point due to an infinitely long thin, uniformly charged straight wire .

           Bihar Board -2009 

6. find out 

(a)Electric field due to uniformly charged thin spherical shell

   (i) on the surface of the spherical shell
   (ii) outside the spherical shell  
   (iii) inside the spherical shell
(b) Electric find due to charged plane sheet. 
(c) Electric find due to charged conductor plate. 
(d)Electric find due to charged straight wire.
7. Explain with principle, the construction and working of van de Graaff generator.
           Bihar Board -2011 

 Short Type- 

1. Define dielectric strength and relative permittivity.  
               Bihar Board 2010 , 2016 
2. State and explain the super position principle for electric fields. 
               Bihar Board 2010 
3. State principle of superposition for electric forces?
4. Why pointed portion is not left in an electrostatic machine?
5. Is mass of a body changed when it is charged?
6. What are the limitations of coulomb force ?
                Bihar Board 2010 
7. Deduce coulomb’s law from Gauss theorem.
8. Find out the expression of torque on an eclectic dipole in a uniform electric field .
9. What do you mean by intensity of electric field ?
                 Bihar Board 2020   
10. Define electric dipole moment.
       What is the S.I. unit of electric dipole moment ?
                 Bihar Board 2014 , 2015 
11. what is the principle of conservation of charge ? 
                 Bihar Board 2020 ,2022     
12. Electric field lines never intersect each-other why? Can two Equipotential surface intersect? 
                 Bihar Board 2014 
13. What do you mean by quantisation of charge?14. What is importance of writing coulomb force in vector form?
15. Name two basic properties of electric charge.
                Bihar Board 2012 
16. What is electrostatic shielding? Give one of its practical application. 
                  Bihar Board 2014 
17. Define electric field intensity in current carrying conductor and equipotential surface.
                Bihar Board 2013   
18. Draw lines of force of electric field due to a system of two equal point charges. 
                 Bihar Board 2017   
19. What are polar and non-polar dielectrics? State polarization of a dielectric.
20. Write down unit and dimension of permittivity of free space.
                   Bihar Board 2018 
21. Define electric flux. Write its S.I unit. 
                  Bihar Board 2019 
22. Define volume density of charge .
                  Bihar Board 2021 
23. Define electric flux on a surface .
             Bihar Board 2019 ,2021 

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