ray optics class 12 physics chapter 9 important questions

Ray optics class 12 physics chapter 9 important questions

Practice these questions of ray optics class 12 physics chapter 9 important questions to get more marks in your class 12 physics board exam.

 Long Type- 

1. What are defects of vision? How are they corrected by using lenses?
2. Explain with neat diagram ,the working of a compound microscope .Obtain an expression for its magnifying power . 
               Bihar Board -2013 
3. Draw a ray diagram to show image formation of a compound microscope or astronomical  telescope. Derive an expression for magnifying power of your instrument .Explain the applications of your instrument.
                Bihar Board -2009                                                        
4. Find out the expression for magnifying power of  compound microscope.
               Bihar Board -2021 
5. With neat diagram describe the construction and working of a an astronomical telescope  and find its magnifying power.
              Bihar Board -2019 
6. Establish the formula.
            $\frac{1}{f}=(\mu -1)(\frac{1}{{{r}_{1}}}-\frac{1}{{{r}_{2}}})$
               Bihar Board -2012 ,2021 
7. Derive lens formula for a concave lens.
8. Show for a prism that the refractive index n is given by  .
         $n=\frac{\sin \left( \frac{A+{{\delta }_{m}}}{2} \right)}{\sin \left( \frac{A}{2} \right)}$
                   where symbols have their usual meaning.
                  Bihar Board -2013 
Draw a ray diagram to show the refraction of light through a glass prism .Derive the formula for the determination of refractive index of the material of the prism.
                Bihar Board -2010
9. Establish the formula .
           $\frac{{{\mu }_{2}}}{v}-\frac{{{\mu }_{1}}}{u}=\frac{{{\mu }_{2}}-{{\mu }_{1}}}{R}$
                  Bihar Board -2015 
A lens having two curved surfaces of radii of curvature \[{{R}_{1}}\] and \[{{R}_{2}}\] is placed as shown in the figure 
ray optics class 12 physics chapter 9 important questions


Prove that  $\frac{{{n}_{3}}}{v}-\frac{{{n}_{1}}}{u}=\frac{{{n}_{2}}-{{n}_{1}}}{{{R}_{1}}}+\frac{{{n}_{3}}-{{n}_{2}}}{{{R}_{2}}}$ 
                      Bihar Board -2010 
10. Find out the expression for equivalent focal length of two lenses in contact .
             Bihar Board -2022 
11. What do you mean by equivalent lens? Find focal length of equivalent lens of two lenses of focal lengths f1 and f2 and separated by a distance d.
What do you mean by equivalent lens? Derive an expression for the equivalent focal length of a system of two lenses placed at a certain separation .  
             Bihar Board -2010 
 12 What is dispersive power ? Find the necessary conditions for obtaining deviation without dispersion by two thin prisms .
            Bihar Board -2019 

 Short Type- 
1. What is mirage?
2. All the time of sunset (or sunrise) the sun appears some what higher than its actual position. Why?
3. When a lens is dipped in water then its power changes. Why?
4. What do you mean by the minimum deviation of a prism?
5. What is difference between magnification and power of magnification.
           Bihar Board - 2010 , 2020 
6. Danger sign is red. Why?
             Bihar Board - 2018 
7. Why does the sun appear red at the time of sunrise and sunset?
8. Why does sky appear blue?
9. What is retinal fatigue?
10.. What is difference between primary and secondary rainbow?
               Bihar Board - 2019 
11. What is difference between emission and absorption spectrum.
12. Diamond appears very bright. Why?
13. What type of change is produced by a glass slab in the path of ray?
14. Distinguish between ultraviolet and infrared radiation?
15. What are the necessary conditions to obtain pure spectrum? 
16. Why is aperture of objective kept small in compound microscope?
17. Why is aperture of objective kept large in telescope?
18. What is optical fiber ? Describe its some important applications.
 19. What is refractive index. How it related to critical angle.
                Bihar Board -2020 
20. What is chromatic aberration? How is it reduced?
                 Bihar Board - 2010 
21. What is total internal reflection? Write the necessary conditions for this event ?
                  Bihar Board - 2016 
22. Define critical angle and write its terms.
                   Bihar Board - 2012 
23. Explain secondary rainbow.
                Bihar Board - 2021 
24. Write necessary conditions for total internal reflection of light.
                    Bihar Board - 2021 
25. What do you mean by power of accommodation of eye ?
                  Bihar Board - 2021 
27. Explain dispersion of light .  
               Bihar Board - 2022  
28. What do you mean by refractive index of medium .  
               Bihar Board - 2022  

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