Class 12 Physics Chapter 7 important questions

Class 12 Physics Chapter 7 important questions

Practice these questions of Class 12 Physics Chapter 7 important questions to get more marks in your class 12 physics board exam.

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 Long Type - 

1. Define alternating current, its peak value and its r.m.s. value. Derive relationship between  them after evaluating the expression for rms value .
                Bihar Board -2011 
2.Find out an expression for root mean square value of an alternating current.
                Bihar Board -2021 
3. Discuss LCR circuit by phasor diagram.
4. Describe the principle , construction and working of a transformer.
                  Bihar Board -2019  
 Explain construction, working and uses of a transformer.
                  Bihar Board -2022  

 Short Type - 
1. Define mean value and root mean square value of alternating current.    
              Bihar Board- 2013 
 2. Establish the relation between mean value and peak value of AC.
              Bihar Board- 2019 
3. Define inductive reactance, capacitive reactance and impedance.
4. What are reactance and impedance in alternating current circuit ?
               Bihar Board- 2019 
5. What do you mean by inductive reactance?
          Bihar Board- 2020 
What is inductive reactance?
               Bihar Board- 2014
6. Explain capacitive reactance?
               Bihar Board- 2022 
7.  What is choke coil?
8. Explain the use of motor starter or choke coil.
              Bihar Board- 2016 
9.  Why is core of transformer laminated ?
              Bihar Board- 2012 
10. What is transformer ? What is transformation ratio?
              Bihar Board- 2014 
11. What is transformer ? What do you meant its efficiency ?
              Bihar Board- 2013 
12. What is the use of step-up transformer?
              Bihar Board- 2020 
13.  Name the energy losses in a transformer.
              Bihar Board- 2015 
14. Explain copper loss in a transformer.
              Bihar Board- 2021 
15. What is transformer steel ?
16.  What do you mean by resonant circuit and resonant frequency?
17. Explain electrical resonance.
             Bihar Board- 2021 
18. What do you meant by Q-factor ?
19. What is L-C oscillation?
20. Hot wire instrument is used to measure Ac. Why?
21. What do you mean by power co-efficient?
22. What is electric power? Obtain expression for average power. 
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