12th physics question paper 2016 – bihar board

Section – I (Objective Type)
  1. Electrical permittivity of free space is equal to
(a) 9 x 109 Fm-1 (b) 1.6 x 10-9 C
(c) 8.85 x 10-12 Fm-1 (d) 8.85 x 10-9 Fm-1
  1. The unit of electric field is
(a) Nm-1 (b) Vm-1
(c) Vm-2 (d) dyne cm-1
  1. Algebraic sum of currents at a point is an electrical circuit is
(a) Infinite (b) Positive
(c) Zero (d) Negative
12th physics question paper 2016 – bihar board
physics question paper 2016 

  1. To increase the sensitivity of a potentiometer
(a) Increase the area of cross-section of the wire
(b) Decrease the current in the wire
(c) Increase the current in the wire
(d) Increase the length of the wire
  1. EMF of a cell is measured by
(a) Voltmeter (b) Ammeter
(c) Galvanometer (d) Potentiometer
  1. The power of the electrical circuit is
(a) V2R (b) V2/R
(c) VR (d) V2RI
  1. Moving charge produces
(a) Only electric field (b) Only magnetic field
(c) Both electric and magnetic field (d) None of these
  1. The ratio of peak value and r.m.s. value of AC is
(a) 2 (b)
(c) (d)
  1. Nickel is
(a) Diamagnetic (b) Paramagnetic
(c) Ferromagnetic (d) None of these
  1. The upper half of a convex Lens is blackned, size of image formed by it
(a) Increases (b) Decreases
(c) Becomes of less intensity (d) None of these
  1. When concave lens of glass is immersed in water it work as
(a) Less convergent (b) More convergent
(c) Less divergent (d) More divergent
  1. When light enters into glass its wavelength
(a) Decreases (b) Increases
(c) Remains the same (d) None of these
  1. The length of the astronomical telescope in normal adjustment is
(a) (b)
(c) x (d)
  1. With increase in wavelength the refractive index
(a) Increases (b) Decreases
(c) Remains unchanged (d) None of these
  1. The minimum distance between an object and real image formed by conversing lens of focal length will be
(a) greater than 4 (b) Less than 4
(c) equal to 2 (d) equal than 4
  1. A bi-convex lens can form a virtual image if the object is placed
(a) Between the lens and its focus
(b) At the focus
(c) Between and 2
(d) At infinity
  1. Cathode rays is
(a) Electromagnetic rays (b) Positive charged particle
(c) Uncharged particle (d) Negative charged particle
  1. Electron Volt (eV) measures
(a) Charge (b) Potential difference
(c) Current (d) Energy
  1. Dimension of plank constant is
(a) ML2T-1 (b) ML2T-2
(c) MLT-1 (d) MLT-2
  1. One the basis of photo electric effect, light is
(a) Wave (b) Particle
(c) Both (d) None of these
  1. Which of the following scientist potentates the quantum theory
(a) Rutherford (b) Bohr
(c) Dalton (d) Planck
  1. Which of the following series of hydrogen spectrum lies in ultraviolet region
(a) Lyman series (b) Balmer series
(c) Paschar series (d) Pfund series
  1. Which one of the following is of electromagnetic wave character
(a) X-rays (b) β-rays
(c) -rays (d) None of these
  1. Which one of the following has maximum penetrating power
(a) X-rays (b) Cathode rays
(c) α-rays (d) -rays
  1. The majority current carrier in P-type semiconductor is
(a) Electron (b) Hole
(c) Photon (d) Proton
  1. Boolean expression of OR gate is
(a) (b)
(c) (d)
  1. The binary equivalent of 12 is
(a) (11001)2 (b) (1111)2
(c) (1100)2 (d) (1011)2
  1. The frequency range for TV transmission is
(a) 30-300 Hz (b) 30-300 KHz
(c) 30-300 MHz (d) 30-300 GHz

Section – II (Non- Objective Type)
  1. In rain an umbrella with bamboo handle is safer than the one having metal handle, why?12th physics question paper 2017 – Bihar board
  2. Find the resultant capacity for parallel connection of three condenser.
  3. What is Drift Velocity? What is the relation between drift velocity and current?
  4. Write uses of shunt.
  5. What is difference between paramagnetic and diamagnetic substance?
  6. What do you mean by wattles current.
  7. With diagram explain dispersion of white light by a prism.
  8. Why is the aperture of objective of compound microscope kept small?
  9. What is displacement current?
  10. Distinguish between nuclear fission and nuclear fusion?
  11. Write truth table of OR and AND gates.
Long Answer Type Questions
  1. Find expression for electrical potential at a point due to an electrical dipole.
Write down the construction and working of a parallel plate condenser. Derive expression for its capacity.
  1. What is Meter Bridge? Determine the unknown resistance by Meter Bridge.
Define Alternating Current, Peak value and root mean square value of alternating current. Establish relation between Peak and rms value.
  1. Two lenses of Focal length and are kept co-axially at a distance ‘d’ apart. Derive expression for resultant focal for the combination.
Name the common defects of vision. Explain with diagram how these defects are rectified?
  1. Explain Bohr’s model of hydrogen atom and write down its short comings.
Describe the working or a semiconductor diode as rectifier.

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