important questions from nuclei class 12

 important questions from nuclei class 12

Practice these questions of class 12 physics chapter 13 nuclei important previous year questions to get more marks in your class 12 physics board exam.

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 Long Type- 

1. Describe the principle and construction of a nuclear reactor.
   Explain the construction of a nuclear reactor in detail.

              Bihar Board -2009  

2. What do you mean by half life and average life of a radioactive substance ? Establish disintegration formula (\[N={{N}_{0}}{{e}^{-\lambda t}}\]for radioactive substance.
               Bihar Board -2021 
3. What do you mean by radioactivity? Write the nature , properties and difference among  of alpha, beta and gamma rays. 
              Bihar Board -2012 

 Short Type- 

1.How size of nucleus is related with mass number?
2. What do you mean by critical mass (or critical size)?
3. What are the utilities of moderator, coolant and controlling rods with reference to nuclear reactor?
          Bihar Board- 2014 
4.  What is carbon dating?
5.  Write the properties of α, β, γ rays.
6. Write two properties of $\beta $ rays. 
          Bihar Board- 2021 
7. Write two properties of alpha rays. 
           Bihar Board- 2022 
8. Write change in position of atom of an element in periodic table due to emission of alpha and beta particles from its nucleus.
          Bihar Board- 2017 
9. What is atomic piling?
10. What is source of solar energy?
11. What do you mean by nuclear fusion and nuclear fission?
12. Plot Yukawa potential graph.
13.Define half-life, decay constant, radioactivity and obtain relation between half-life time and decay-constant .
14. Explain constitution of atomic nucleus . 
          Bihar Board- 2017 
15. Write difference between nuclear fission and radioactivity . 
           Bihar Board- 2017 
16. Define half life time and average life time. 

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