important questions from atoms class 12

 important questions from atoms class 12

Practice these questions of class 12 physics chapter 12 atoms important questions to get more marks in your class 12 physics board exam.

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  Long Type- 
1. What is Rutherford's alpha-scattering experiment? State Rutherford's atomic model.
2.Obtain expressions for velocity, energy and radius of orbit of an electron orbiting in nth orbit.
3. Give postulates of Bohr’s theory . Explain hydrogen spectrum on the basis Bohr’s theory. 
              Bihar Board -2015 
4. State Bohr’s assumptions to explain the spectra of hydrogen-like atom .Obtain an expression for the total energy of an electron revolving in the nth stationary orbit of an atom.  

               Bihar Board -2010 

  Short Type- 
1. Describe Rutherford's model of atom developed on the basis of his alpha particle scattering experiment. 
           Bihar Board- 2009 
2. Write two demerits of Rutherford  atomic model.
3.  Is coulomb's law true for atomic distances?
4. Describe the two shortcomings of Bohr model of atom. 
           Bihar Board- 2019 
5. What do you mean by Paschen series? 
           Bihar Board- 2021 
6. What do you mean by Bohr’s Stable orbit?
           Bihar Board- 2020 
7. State any four important characteristics of laser Ray. 
           Bihar Board- 2011, 2013 ,2015 
8. How is the size of an atom related to mass-number?
9. Find expression for closest approach for an alpha particle moving towards nucleons with kinetic energy k = ½ mv²

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