class 12 physics chapter 5 magnetism and matter important questions

class 12 physics chapter 5 important questions

Practice these questions of class 12 physics chapter 5 magnetism and matter important questions to get more marks in your class 12 physics board exam.

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 Long Type- 

1. Write properties of diamagnetic ,paramagnetic and ferromagnetic materials .

                   Bihar Board -2021                                          
   Distinguish among dia, para and ferromagnetic substances.
2. (a) Describe in brief terrestrial magnetism. 
    (b) Discuss modern (Atomic) theory of magnetism.
3. Evaluate  force and torque acting on a magnet in an external uniform magnetic field and also find the work done in rotating the magnet in the magnetic field arbitrarily.
             Bihar Board -2010 
4. Find out the expression for magnetic field due to a bar magnet in broad side-on position .
             Bihar Board -2020 
 Establish expression for magnetic field at equatorial position of a magnet .
             Bihar Board -2022 
5. Find out magnetic field in axial and equatorial position due to a bar magnet (or magnetic dipole).
6. Find time period of a bar magnet oscillating freely in a uniform magnetic field B. 
              Bihar Board -2017 
 Short Type- 
1. Write two difference between electromagnet and permanent magnet. 
              Bihar Board 2012, 2020 
2.  Why steel is used for making permanent magnet while soft iron is used for making electromagnet?
3. State two characteristics properties distinguishing the behavior of paramagnetic and diamagnetic materials.
               Bihar Board 2014 
4.  Write curie’s law and curie Weiss law .
              What is Curie law ?
              Bihar Board 2023  
5. Explain end-on position and broad side-on position of a bar magnet .
                Bihar Board 2020  
6. What do you mean by end-on position of a magnet ?
                 Bihar Board 2022 
7. Write expression for magnetic field B on axis and equator of a short bar magnet .
                  Bihar Board 2017 
8. Explain magnetic moment .
                Bihar Board 2022 
9. Write down the magnetic elements of the earth.
                  Bihar Board 2023 
    What do you mean by magnetic elements of the earth ?
                  Bihar Board 2020 
11. Write the definition of angle of dip.
                  Bihar Board 2022 
12. What do you mean by apparent angle of dip at any place ? 
                   Bihar Board 2021, 2022 
13. What is navigation (Mariner’s) compass?
14.  What is magnetic hysteresis and coercive force?
15. What is a hysteresis loop ? with its help explain the term retentivity and coercivity. 
                Bihar Board 2010 
 16.  What are neutral points?
17. Define- 
 (a) permeability
(b) magnetic meridian                            
 (c) Intensity of magnetization       
 (d) Intensity of magnetizing field                  
 (e) Magnetic susceptibility             
(f) Magnetic retentivity                         
 (g) Effective length of a magnet                   
(h) Magnetic map                           
(i) Magnetic storm                                       
18. Obtain expression for work (or energy) on a bar-magnet (or magnetism dipole) in uniform magnetic field.
19. Obtain expression for torque on a bar-magnet (or magnetism dipole) in uniform magnetic field.
20. Write down the definition and SI unit of magnetic flux .
                 Bihar Board 2022 
21. A uniform magnetic field gets modified as shown in the figure , when two specimens X and Y are placed in it .

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