class 12 physics chapter 6 important questions

class 12 physics chapter 6 important questions

Practice these questions of class 12 physics chapter 6 important questions of electromagnetic induction to get more marks in your class 12 physics board exam.

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 Long Type - 

1. Describe construction and working of an AC  generator.

 2. What is electromagnetic induction? State faraday's law of electromagnetic induction and his experiments related it.
3.  Define eddy currents .How are the produced ? In what sense are these currents undesirable in a transformer and how are these reduced in a device ? 
           Bihar Board -2011 
4.(a) What do you mean by self indention and mutual induction?
(b) Does the lenz's law obey the law of conservation energy ?
5. Define self inductance and mutual inductance .Find an expression for mutual inductance of two long coaxial solenoids.
          Bihar Board -2016, 2023 

 Short Type - 

 1. What do you mean by eddy currents?
           Bihar Board - 2013 
  2. What are eddy currents? Give its two uses.
           Bihar Board - 2018 
 3. Write Lenz's law of electromagnetic induction.
          Bihar Board - 2013, 2016 
 4. Lenz's law of electromagnetic induction follows the principle of conservation of energy.     Discuss it.
         Bihar Board - 2019 
           Lenz’s law obeys the law of conservation of energy, How ?
       5.  In resistance box resistance coil is made by doubled wire. Why?
       6. Find an expression of self induction of an ideal solenoid.
              Bihar Board - 2014 
       7. What do you mean by mutual induction ?
              Bihar Board - 2020 
       8. Write down faraday's law of electrommagnetic induction.
               Bihar Board - 2023 

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