class 12 physics chapter 4 moving charges and magnetism important questions

 class 12 physics chapter 4 moving charges and magnetism important questions

Practice these questions of class 12 physics chapter 4 moving charges and magnetism important questions to get more marks in your class 12 physics board exam.

 Long Type- 

1. Explain Biot- savart law. With its help derive an expression for the magnetic field at any point on the axis of a current carrying circular loop.
                Bihar Board -2015 
2. Explain Biot- savart law. Derive an expression for the magnetic field at the center of a current carrying circular loop. 

                Bihar Board -2012                        
3. Explain with the help of a diagram the principle ,construction and working of a cyclotron.
                 Bihar Board -2012 
Explain the principle and working of cyclotron with the help of a neat diagram.Write the expression for cyclotron frequency.
                   Bihar Board -2023 
4. (i)State ampere’s circuital law. Obtain the expression for magnetic field due to infinite long current carrying straight wire.
    (ii) Using ampere's circuital law, obtain an expression for the magnetic field along the axis of a current carrying solenoid of length L and having N number of  turns.
5. (a) Explain principle and working of a moving coil galvanometer. Derive an expression for current sensitivity.
                 Bihar Board -2009 
   (b)Compare between moving coil galvanometer and moving magnet galvanometer .
             Bihar Board -2009 
 Short Type- 
1. Current carrying solenoid is used as a bar-magnet. Describe it.
2. Explain behavior of a current loop as a magnetic dipole. 
        Bihar Board 2010 
3. Define magnetic dipole moment of a current carrying loop.
4. What is Bohr magneton ?          
5. What is Lorentz force?
      Bihar Board 2019, 2022 
6. Write Fleming’s left hand rule.
        Bihar Board2020, 2023 
7. Cylindrical magnetic poles are used in a galvanometer ,Why?
    Magnetic poles of a galvanometer are cylindrical (concave) why?
8. What is shunt ?
       Bihar Board 2019 
9. Write two uses of shunt.
        Bihar Board 2015 ,2019 
10. How will you change a galvanometer into an ammeter and into a voltmeter?
11. How will you change an ammeter into voltmeter?
12. Applying Biot-savart’s law deduce the expression the for the magnetic field at center of a semicircular loop of radius R carrying current I .
               Bihar Board 2009 
13. Write Biot- savart's law.
        Bihar Board 2021 

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